Float Trip


Road Tripping.  Camping.  Canoeing.  

Named "Best Thing I Did In September" by Mizzou students since 1992.

Freshmen and RUF newbies:  We know it takes some courage to go on an overnight trip with a bunch of people you just met.  You won't regret it.  We promise.


Aug 25-26 (Fri-Sat).  Leave Friday at 5pm.  Meet at the RUF AV-14 Spot.  Find it here.

Camp Friday night.  Return to Columbia Saturday around 5pm.


We float down the Current River, in Salem, Missouri (about 2 hours from Columbia).  We will need drivers, so if you have a car, please be willing to drive.  If you do not drive, it is common courtesy to give your driver $5-10 for gas!


$17 for freshmen and RUF newbies.  $27 for everyone else.  Cost includes overnight camping, floating, and breakfast & lunch.  See payment button below!

Low On Cash?

RUF offers scholarships for students if money is tight.  You pay what you can, and RUF covers the rest.  Don't let money be the reason you do not go on the Float Trip!  Email Ross, pronto, for details on how to get a scholarship (rdixon@ruf.org).

What to bring?

Sleeping bag.  Tent.  Hammock (if you're the hammock type).  RUF has limited sleeping bags and tents.  If you go home for Labor Day weekend, bring a sleeping bag back with you.  It will come in handy this semester!

Other things:  Swimsuit.  Sunscreen.  Toiletries.  Towel.  Dry clothes to change into.  Shoes that can get wet on the river.  Extra money for (1) Dinner Friday night and (2) Central Dairy ice cream on the return trip (if your car decides to stop there, which it should).


Contact Nick (RUF Campus Minister) at nick.mcdonald@ruf.org 336.309.1568 (text/call).